Position Controlled Adjustable Torque Hinge


  • Allow users the flexibility to define and adjust the operating effort required to move or position panels
  • These hinges provide infinite control over door positioning and accommodate variables in enclosure construction - without added hardware or installation costs
  • Aesthetic designs and concealed mounting hardware options provide a clean presentation
  • Material and Finish:
    Leaves: Acetal
    Pin: Polycarbonate
    Adjustment screw & nut: Stainless steel
  • Operating temperature range: -5°C to 65°C
Part No.ColourTypeRadial load (N)Max. prevailing torque of hinge (Nm)
1223917 BlackMedium1780 N.8
1223919 WhiteMedium1780 N.8
1223918 BlackLarge3110 N4
1223920 WhiteLarge3110 N4